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July 8, 2009

Another One Down...Two to Go!

I posted on June 5, 2009 about Rep. Ed Whitfield co-sponsoring HR 1207. I think that the Kentucky Representatives who are signing onto HR 1207 is a direct result of our hard work and the hard work off all the liberty and freedom groups and organizations all over the state.

The newest co-sponsor is Representative Ben Chandler. I think part of the reason Rep. Chandler has signed on is because of the fact that everyone is pissed he voted for cap and trade. Yes it is great that he is co-sponsoring this legendary piece of legislation, but we haven't and won't forget that he was the ONLY Kentucky Congressman to vote FOR cap and trade.

Now there are a total of 4 Kentucky Representatives that have co-sponsored the bill. Below is a list the reps who have signed on and the reps who haven't. Keep the pressure on if your rep hasn't co-sponsored this yet. Over half of congress has signed onto this bill and we need more. BTW be sure to contact your Senators about S. 604 the sister bill to HR 1207 that's in the senate. This is all in an effort to bring more accountability and transparency to the Federal Reserve.

Congressman To Call and Thank:
Congressman Ed Whitfield [R] 1st District
Congressman Brett Guthrie [R] 2nd District
Congressman Geoff Davis [R] 4th District
Congressman Ben Chandler [D] 6th District

Congressman To Keep the Pressure On:

Congressman John Yarmuth [D] 3rd District
Congressman Harold Rogers [R] 5th District

Click Here to see the full list of co-sponsors.

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