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April 23, 2009

HR 1207: Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009

HR 1207 (full text here) was introduced by Congressman Ron Paul and is a groundbreaking piece of legislation. If passed, it would give Congress the power to audit the Federal Reserve. I'm sure most of you know the Federal Reserve is a private central bank that controls and regulates our currency. The FED is made up of unelected officials that work in total secrecy, and since it's establishment in 1913 has never been audited. Bloomberg reported on March 31st that the total amount of the bailouts has nearly exceeded the country's Gross Domestic Product. Most of this money has been monetized by the FED. The FED is the root cause of the countries financial problems and HR 1207 is a huge step in actually fixing our economic problems.

The bill is currently in the House Committee on Financial Services and getting past this Committee is one of the biggest hurdles. There are currently 88 co-sponsors but unfortunately none of Kentucky's representatives have jumped on the bandwagon, and that's where we come in. We need to call, email, and fax our representatives and let them know their constitutes support HR 1207. You can go here to get telephone numbers, email address, and fax numbers of all the Kentucky representatives.

Below are links to two PDF files that are fax ready to send to your Representative's office. You can send two FREE faxes per day from www.faxzero.com Upload the PDF and fax both fliers to every office your Representative has.

HR 1207 Fax Flier 1

HR 1207 Fax Flier 2

Next I have a link to a letter template that I typed up that you can print out and mail via snail mail, or email them to your Representatives.

Snail Mail/Email Template

Below is a video made by Youtube user JiveDadson that gives a brief overview of the bill and the Federal Reserve.

Track the Bill here.