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June 18, 2009

Kentucky Preppers Network Giveaway Round 2

We are going to start the 2nd round of the Kentucky Preppers Network giveaways. Jim from Everything Prepared is donating 1 of his ebooks titled "Getting your Household in Order: Family Preparedness Household Notebook" to anyone who signs up for the Everything Prepared newsletter! This ebook (a $16.95 value) details how to prepare comprehensive records and personal/family information for emergency/disaster survival.

Here's a summary of the book:
Do you have a copy of your family’s financial matters documented and located in one place for instant access? You may have to prove ownership of your bank account(s), safety deposit box, business, brokerage, and investment accounts because those institutions may have their records destroyed by a disaster. Proof of ownership is essential and worth the effort it takes to put the information together and organize it so it’s readily available. This ebook will help you do just that and is just one more step to getting everything prepared.

This book would be great for anyone looking organize and categorize your household items and preps. This is critical if you're home is ever damaged by a natural disaster, and would allow you to get back most of your losses.

Here's the Rules:

You must sign up on the form below for Jim's Everything Prepared newsletter to be entered into the contest. There can only be 1 entry per family, however, if you forward your this post to your friends, each person who signs up for the newsletter and puts the email address of the person who referred them into the “Referred_By:” box receives bonus entry. That means, if your friend wins, you win too! We will run the contest until July 10th, and announce the lucky winners on July 13th. The winners of the contest receive all 4 of Jim's great ebooks. The form to sign up for the contest is below.

Here is a summary of the other ebooks that the winners will receive.

72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Action Kit: How to Prepare A Kit for Emergency/Disaster Situations ($12.95 value)
This ebook will help you to know many of the things that go into your personal 72 hour kit. These kits are designed to help you protect yourself, and provide the necessities to take care of you personal needs. It’s a ready-to-use package containing food and water rations, supplies, and such other vital equipment for maintaining personal well-being—or, at least, staying alive when forced into extremely dangerous or uncontrollable circumstances. Natural disasters and personal emergencies are not a matter of whether they will happen, but when. Having a few basic categories of supplies and provisions on hand can mitigate that help-less feeling caused by emergencies. Being prepared reduces stress.
Basic Sprouting Guide: How to Grow Fresh Vegetables Year-Round In Your Own Kitchen Garden ($6.95 value)
There are many great reasons for using sprouts. Increasing numbers of families find sprouting nutritious, delicious, and far less expensive than store prices, but most people don't know where to start. This ebook will help you do just that. It is a digest version of the Kitchen Gardening chapter, to be released in the revised 11th edition of Making the Best of Basics––Family Preparedness Handbook.
Game Meats, Fish & Fowl: How to Prepare Wild-Caught Critters in Your Own Kitchen for Emergency/Disaster Survival ($6.95 value)
Want to prepare some tasty meals from your hunting and fishing prowess? Need to know how to properly wrap and store, wild game meat so it will stay fresh in the refrigerator for a few days and in the freezer for several months, depending on cut and how well it‘s prepared for freezing? Learn some delicious recipes and great tip and techniques for preparing and storing your game, fish, or fowl.