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June 15, 2009

Cell Phone As Emergency Communicator?

Research in Motion's (RIM) mobile communicator, the Blackberry, has set the standards for a business device. Only recently have Blackberries turned mainstream since the introduction of the Blackberry Curve into the consumer market. Countless corporations issue Blackberries to all their employees for up to the second email and secure messaging system (PIN Messaging). Federal and local governments also use Blackberries as their primary communication devices.

PIN messaging is an encrypted messaging system that is sent over the internet from the device. **You must have a data plan enabled on your Blackberry for these features to work. Minimum data plan on most providers is $30 a month for unlimited access and up to 10 email accounts. Each Blackberry has a unique PIN number. That number allows you to securely communicate with other internet-enabled Blackberries. The PIN messaging system is called Blackberry Messenger which is preloaded onto all Blackberries. PIN messages get sent instantly and along with an instant messaging platform you can send emails through the PIN system which are also just as secure.

These PIN messages are so secure that it's the preferred device for criminals because police can't monitor the PIN messages. The government uses Blackberries for communicating during a disaster. The local and federal government have them in case the cell system is overloaded you can still get PIN messages out. This held true when my town was hit by a tornado last year. The cell systems were jammed, and nobody could get a call out but I was able to PIN message my brother and make sure he was okay.

They would be useless along with all cell phones in the event of a mass blackout or total signal loss, but in the event of a smaller scale disaster they could come in handy for you and your family to be able to communicate with each other. I own a Blackberry and have the internet package, my PIN number is 20F999DA. I started a KPN group on my Blackberry Messenger as I already have one individual added. If you have one send me an invite and let me know its from Kentucky Preppers Network.