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June 5, 2009

Finally...Rep. Ed Whitfield Co-Sponsors HR 1207!

I posted on May 8, 2009 about Rep. Brett Guthrie co-sponsoring HR 1207. He was the first Congressman from Kentucky to sign onto this historical piece of legislation. And thanks to the calls, emails, and faxes from myself, the readers, and activists from all across the state we now have two more Kentucky Congressman co-sponsoring the bill including my Representative Ed Whitfield! I made tons of calls and sent countless faxes and emails to him and the pressure finally got to be too much!

We also have Representative Geoff Davis that has co-sponsored the bill, and have a total of 3 of 6 Kentucky Congressman that have co-sponsored the bill. Keep the pressure on the remaining Congressman to sign onto this piece of legislation. Please contact these Representatives that have already co-sponsored the bill and thank them for their support. And keep the pressure on the ones who haven't co-sponsored so that they will sign on. 40% of congress has already pledged their support to the bill. This has a real chance of getting to the Senate.

Congressman To Call and Thank:
Congressman Ed Whitfield [R] 1st District
Congressman Brett Guthrie [R] 2nd District
Congressman Geoff Davis [R] 4th District

Congressman To Keep the Pressure On:

Congressman John Yarmuth [D] 3rd District
Congressman Harold Rogers [R] 5th District
Congressman Ben Chandler [D] 6th District

Click Here to see the full list of co-sponsors.