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February 11, 2009

And Now For Stimulus #2

So yesterday the Senate passed President Obama's Stimulus plan. This is the second of I'm sure many more stimulus bills that the government will frantically push through legislation in order to "save" the economy. It basically boils down to the fact that you can't get out of debt with MORE DEBT. The government works similar to an individual. If a person is in debt, they can't get out of debt by borrowing more money! Sadly, this is the best thing Washington can come up with. We have a $10 Trillion+ budget deficit so we're borrowing more money, and printing more money in order to fix this economy. Well I have news for these guys in Washington, it's not going to work. All our government is doing is imploding the economy, and the inevitable outcome is massive inflation.

Obama talks a lot about job creation, but it's obvious he has no clue how to create jobs, I honestly doubt that anyone in Washington even realizes how the government works. The government is funded through taxpayers, and taxpayers alone. Obama can't hire $4 million people and pay them with government money when we're losing hundreds of thousands of jobs a day. The government tax revenue is shrinking rapidly because laid off workers don't pay income tax and people who aren't spending their money aren't paying sales tax. This means less money into the government and more borrowing and inflation to finance this empire that we have.

Inflation happens when a country's currency gets devalued. The Federal Reserve is creating money out of thin air and pumping it into the economy, which is devaluing everyone else's currency. This money is printed with nothing of value backing it, other than a promise by the Federal Reserve. We haven't really seen inflation yet in the United States, although some prices are going up at steady paces, but it's mainly due to other factors. Once inflation hits everyone will know it. Prices will skyrocket making even the so called rich unable to afford even the basic commodities. Food and energy prices will soar along with other vital goods needed for survival. THIS is the main reason why I prep. I don't worry as much about natural or similar type disasters (although it is good to be prepared for them), my main fear is what's going to happen with our economy. I know my job is at risk as consumer spending gets lower and lower. In fact, most all of our jobs are at risk, and there's a good chance we won't be able to replace them.


The point is I realize that your "must have" goods are going to be scarce, and if you're able to buy them they will be VERY expensive. Having a food supply should be at the top of everyone's list. This will keep you independent, and out of the clutches of government and FEMA aid. I hope that things don't happen as fast as some predict but part of me realizes that we only have a few months before things get really bad so food is the most important thing to own right now. A storable food supply is an unemployment insurance policy, or a SHTF insurance policy. Do whatever you can, sell the spare vehicle, cash out your IRA/Pension/Retirement, pull your money out of the stock market, and make the move to investing in your own survival. Buy all the food you can and store it up with the money that's going to be worthless soon anyway..