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February 9, 2009

$100 Food Storage List

Prepping is NOT expensive and it doesn't take rocket science to figure it out. Storing food is a question that is very often brought up on the survival message boards. There are good ways to store up years worth of food (buckets, mylar, and O2 absorbers) but you can get a couple months supply of food for your self or each member in the family for right around $100. After searching Wal-Mart for the best deals and best prices, I've come up with this list. This is a $100 list of groceries that would keep one alive for 2 months comfortably. I personally have all these items stored, along with water for 2 months for myself. I think that a 2 month supply of food and water would be a good start for any beginner wanting to get a stash back. $100 won't break the bank and you can put these item's in a closet and they will keep for a least a year in the original packaging.

Once you get your 2 month supply, you will need a way to cook the food if/when the power goes out. This is where my alcohol stove comes in. This thing runs off of HEET (Methyl Alcohol) or Denatured Alcohol. It burns very pure, and very hot. This will boil a cup of water in just a couple of minutes, and 1 oz. of fuel will run the stove for 15 minutes. More than enough time to cook most stuff.

Finally, you need water. Most people will tell you that water is MORE important than food. You can go a good while without food, not you won't last long without water to drink. I get these Reliance 7 gal. Aqua-Tainers from Wal-Mart for $12 a piece. Just 8 of these and you have 2 months of water for yourself (1 gal per day.)

And that should have you ready for any disaster that heads your way. Food and water are the two most important things. You would also want some cold weather gear/warm weather gear, candles, guns and ammo, flashlights, and batteries. If you can eat, keep warm, and have a little light, you're going to be in a lot better position that most of your neighbors in the event of a disaster.