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February 12, 2009

New CEO at KPN

I am very happy to announce that Kentucky Preppers Network now has a new "Chief Executive Officer" if you will. Matthiasj will be in charge of KPN now. Matt has been a valuable asset to KPN and a trusted friend from day one. I am happy and proud to leave you in such capable hands. Matt's post's have informed and educated us and made us think about what and why things are happening in this country and will continue to do so. You can expect the same quality service here at KPN as always as we make this transition.

I will be taking on a newly created position with American Preppers Network. I will be serving as the Eastern Regional Coordinator for American Preppers Network from now on. I am pleased to be invited to this new position and look forward to working with preppers on the entire east coast. I could only agree to this new position because of my trusted friend and fellow prepper Matt. Matt, I thank you for your time and effort in making KPN a successful preppers network and for taking on this new title so that I am able to assume mine with American Preppers Network. I will still be around when I am needed and Matt may even let me make a post now and then but he will be the one in charge.

Thank you to all of our readers for your many comments on our posts, we love to hear from our readers. YOU are Kentucky Preppers Network!