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July 29, 2009

Optimism in a Time of Pessimism

Mayberry posted yesterday about how he felt it was nearly time for him to bug out. Things are looking worse and the assault on our freedoms and liberties is in full swing. I agree with Mayberry although I think there are a lot of things that we can be very happy about. Sure the government is still going full speed ahead at destroying our economy, but the center and cause of the crisis is the Federal Reserve.

Nobody could've imagined back in February when Ron Paul introduced his audit the FED bill (HR 1207) that today we would have 279 co-sponsors in the house. That's 64% of the house! The House of Representatives is the main representing body of the American people and this shows that more and more people are waking up and taking action. This is a total bipartisan effort with Democrats and Republicans coming together for a common cause. This is not the result of corporate lobbyists, or special interests groups. This is the result of the PEOPLE taking a stand and demanding transparency and accountability. This my friends, is something everyone should be ECSTATIC about!

Not only is HR 1207 chugging along; the sister bill in the Senate (S 604) already has 20 co-sponsors! That's 20% of the Senate behind auditing the Federal Reserve. Again this is all due to American's speaking out and standing up for ourselves. A successful audit of the Federal Reserve will expose the crimes they have committed and the damage they are doing. Americans need a good reality check and this is a start. If everyone knew without a doubt that we don't need the Federal Reserve it would be abolished tomorrow.

Rand Paul is also going to be running for the Kentucky Senate seat. Jim Bunning has officially dropped out of the race which means Rand is going to run (unofficially). Rand is a great candidate and would be a wonderful asset to Kentucky and the whole country. Electing Rand to the Senate, sets the stage for others like him to run and the more we have that represent the people the better off we are. Not to mention how scared it will make these career politicians who only represent the corporations that pay for them.

These are just a couple examples of things to be happy about. The general population is getting fed up with the boom and bust cycles that the Federal Reserve creates, and the previously mentioned bills are proof of this. The alternative media is exploding in terms of popularity and not only is Rand Paul running for office but there are a lot of other liberty minded candidates that plan on running in 2010.

There seem to also be more and more people waking up to the corrupt government and getting tired of these big corporations getting bailouts while average American's are losing their jobs and homes. Wall Street is getting precedent over Main Street and this is not how things should be. While I think a time will come when we must bug out or there might even be a time when blood must be shed on both sides. But as long as the "system" still exists, we must keep fighting within the system. We're prepping for the worst, yet hoping for the best; but more than that we must work our asses off to ensure the best.