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July 21, 2009

Get Over Your Partisan Politics

One thing that irks me the most is partisan politics. The Republicans are unhappy with the current administration's out of control spending and increasing the size of the government. But where was the opposition when Bush was tripling the size of the Federal Government? Bush ran large budget deficits and spent like crazy, but the Republicans loved it when it was within their party. When Bush was in office the Democrats sounded much like the Republicans do today.

But where is the change? Obama ran on a platform of change, and he is exactly right, we need to change our government dramatically. But no change has occurred. The Republicans should be HAPPY with the current administration for multiple reasons. The Republicans supported the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the saber rattling at Iran. Obama "pledged" to end the wars and called them "unwinnable." He was right! But the wars go on today and not only that they have been expanded! So why aren't the Republicans supportive of the current administration? No policies have been changed since Obama was sworn into office.

Bush started the policy of warrantless wiretapping, torture, and the endless wars. Obama has done nothing but continue these policies so why the outcry? Shouldn't the Republicans be happy? The point of this is to illustrate that we no longer have a two party system. The two party system is used to distract the average American from the big picture...that BOTH parties are corrupt and need major reform. The government and the media keep us occupied, bickering between one another about petty issues while they stomp on our rights, liberties, and the Constitution.

Our current two party system is like a one party system with two heads. Both parties support the same policies. It's like having two cupcakes, both vanilla with vanilla icing but one has red food coloring and one has blue. No real choice between the two, other than the color. Bottom line if you're attending Tea Parties and getting active in the political process GREAT! If you're doing it only because the Democrats are in office and you just want a Republican majority then you are doing it for the WRONG reasons. Open your eyes and see that both parties are flawed, and both parties support the status quo.

Real reform comes when we elect candidates that come from outside the political spectrum. Candidates like Rand Paul here in Kentucky, Peter Schiff in Connecticut, Adam Kokesh in New Mexico, RJ Harris in Oklahoma, and many others. You can see if your state has a pro-liberty candidate at RetakeCongress.com.