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July 20, 2009

Bitdefender Anti-Virus Giveaway!

Here we have yet another contest for the readers of Kentucky Preppers Network. This time I've giving away TWO free 1 year licenses for the antivirus software Bitdefender. You might remember me mentioning the software in my previous post about Computer Maintenance. Bitdefender is the #1 antivirus software on the market and I would recommend everyone use it on their computer. No more worrying about viruses or spyware, this software will block anything and everything before it ever gets to your computer.

Terms & Conditions

The licenses have already been activated and will expire on July 17, 2010. This contest will run for TWO weeks, a winner will be announced on August 4th. To be entered into the contest you must leave a comment on this post. Each entry is allowed one comment per day. At the end a number will be drawn randomly and the winner will be announced! Enter each day to increase your chances of winning!