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July 16, 2009

Congradulations Kentucky!

We did it! All 6 Kentucky Congressmen have now co-sponsored HR 1207! Thanks to the hard work of all the Kentucky liberty and freedom fighters all of our Congressman are now fully behind Ron Paul's historic piece of legislation. This is a great victory for the state and this bill is the first major step at exposing the Federal Reserve for what they are; an unconstitutional, private, secret central bank.

As of July 14th Rep. Harold Rogers and Rep. John Yarmuth are now officially co-sponsoring the bill. This bill is bi-partisan; as our state shows, it's not about Republicans or Democrats because the Federal Reserve effects all of our lives. It's about our Congressman's duty to provide answers to the American People's questions and this is how they're going to start.

Now that all of our Congressman have signed on please take a minute to call, or email them to extend your appreciation for them co-sponsoring the bill. This doesn't mean the fight is over, we must keep pressure on the Senate to pass the senate version of HR 1207, S 604. Sen. Jim Bunning is behind S 604 but we need to focus on getting Sen. Mitch McConnell behind it.

Congressman To Call and Thank:
Congressman Ed Whitfield [R] 1st District
Congressman Brett Guthrie [R] 2nd District
Congressman John Yarmuth [D] 3rd District
Congressman Geoff Davis [R] 4th District
Congressman Harold Rogers [R] 5th District
Congressman Ben Chandler [D] 6th District

Click Here to see the full list of co-sponsors.