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June 11, 2009

Reader Tip & KPN Info

Reader Johnathan sent me a tip about HR 1444 the Congressional Commission on Civic Service Act. The language of this bill says that they will look at setting up mandatory national service. This directly violates the Constitution, and Johnathan has made an email template for you to send to your representatives. The template, and more information is available at the Kentucky Preppers Network Forums. I added a new Political Activist section and will be adding contact information for all the Representatives, Senators and Legislators in Kentucky.

I have posted some good stuff over at the forums. Feel free to post comments, tips, or even questions of your own. The good ones will get posted to the blog. The forum will act as a database for tons of prepper info in all subjects. And the Activist sub-forum will be a one stop place to get all your activist info.

In an effort to bring more diversification to the blog I will be posting some stuff from other survival blogs and prepper networks that deal with gardening and self-sufficiency. This is something that I personally only know what I have read. There are others out there in the prepper networks that have some great posts dealing with their gardens and I'll try to get some of those up for our readers who garden and would like more info on that subject and the subject of moving to self sufficiency.