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March 2, 2009

Get Involved to Restore the Constitution

How did Americans go from the smartest and most informed to the stupidest and most ill-informed? -Alex Jones

Tonight but I read a post on Survivalist Boards by "MT Patriot" that really made me think. Basically what he says is that it's great to prep, and he himself is prepared for the coming collapse, but the thing that we need to be focusing on is PREVENTING this economic collapse and global takeover. If we all get involved in our local & state governments and stay informed, we can stop this.

Things will continue to get worse with the economy and our government if people continue what they're doing right now. As long as the majority stays self absorbed, and doesn't give a crap about what's going on in their country then we will continue to be enslaved and taken over. The state sovereignty resolutions are a great start, but we have to keep fighting. We need to elect Senators and Representatives like Ron Paul & Rand Paul. We need to write our local state representatives and legislatures. We need to call, email, do whatever it takes to get exactly how we feel across to them. The local ones are the ones who will be more willing to speak with you and listen to you. Keep a weekly list of news articles and documents that you feel are important, and mail them to all your local state representatives every week.

The masses need to shed their apathy and quit denying and doubting the inevitable and obvious. Washington is filled with crooks that WE ELECTED. We have the power to stop this and end what the government is doing. We need to focus on stopping this beast before it destroys our nation. It will take the masses to come together as a nation and peacefully work to stop them. It still is OUR government. Without us they wouldn't be able to exist. We're the ones paying for all this and we have a right to know what they're doing and to limit their powers. The Constitution was set up for this, and we just need to bring them back within Constitutional powers. Our freedom, liberty, and sovereignty are all at risk. If we don't stop this all our futures are at risk.

I'm not saying don't prep, I think preps are great and I have my own but honestly hope I never have to use them when I don't want to. This movement is growing very fast and I think we still have a fighting chance at defeating this. Check out this Jim Rogers video where he was interviewed on an Australian News network.