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March 4, 2009

State Sovereignty Update, Poll Results & More!

State Sovereignty Bills Update

In a surprise move, New Hampshire legislatures voted down the the state Sovereignty bill (HRC 6), reported The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers. The New Hampshire state Sovereignty bill was one of the most comprehensive bills to date, and had a huge wave of support behind it. Rep. Dan Itse was the sponsor and author of the bill and was featured on many news casts and the Alex Jones show discussing the bill. The house voted nearly down party lines with 216 nay against 150 yay. This is a huge disappointment but doesn't mean the fight is over. We must increase our pressure on our representatives to let them know what we want. I hate to say it but the reps in NH were pressured, and there was a large demonstration outside the building all morning before the vote and it was still voted down. NH residents are not happy about this and the reps who are refusing to uphold the constitution and keep the oath they made when they were sworn on are treading on thin ice. These reps are greatly hurting their chance or re-election.

This means we MUST keep pressure on Frankfort to get the Kentucky bill passed. I spoke with David Adams of The Bluegrass Institute and he said our State Sovereignty bill went to the House Elections, Constitutional Amendments & Intergovernmental Affairs Committee and is "stalled." We must light a fire under our reps to get this bill passed. Oklahoma's Sovereignty bill passed the House and there is a good chance it's going to get past the senate. We have to keep calling the Frankfort legislation line, which is posted at the top of the blog. Call, email, or snail mail letters to all your local reps and let them know you support this bill. The only way it will get passed is if we show support for it. You can view the progress of the bill here.

Poll Results
As you can see, out of 76 voters, 92% are preparing for economic collapse in the United States. Other than natural disasters, all other options could fall under the economic collapse heading. It really is great to see that many people concerned and preparing. I myself am preparing for economic collapse but my preps would help out in any emergency situation. Thanks to all who voted, and be on the lookout for the next poll!SubscribeShare/Save/Bookmark