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February 4, 2009

Are the Masses ready to give up living beyond their means?

This is our fight. The government has their wars and battles, and so do we. We are in an information war. The fighters? Government propaganda vs. freedom and the truth. Scare tactics and yellow journalism are running rampid. Everyone in the country is so scared of these potential terrorists. Well the REAL terrorists are the government. They are they ones instilling fear into everyone in the country. Not everyone in Iraq is a terrorist. Not everyone in the Taliban or Al Qaeda are terrorists. Of course there are extremists in every group. But the real terrorism is blasted onto the television and radio 24/7. We're in a fight to restore the republic, bring back freedom, and restore liberty. I know we all try as hard as we can to wake up more and more fellow Americans. Some are successful, some are not.

I think the main problem is that people aren't ready to see the truth. They would rather live in a fairy tail land. A great example of this is The Matrix. Neo chose to take the red pill, and see the real truth, the real world. The majority of the people would rather take the blue pill, just as Cypher chose to go back into the Matrix. Cypher represents the mass majority of the American population. Too engrained in their own selfish lives. Too caught up in television, and the brainwashing media. Television strips citizens of their knowledge and their power. It inhibits people's ability to think for themselves. They're told what to buy, what to eat, who to look up to, what to drive ect... The government is scared of a population of critical thinkers. The government is suppressing our ability to think logically. They are suppressing our minds because if the population could actually think, they would realize that we are getting royally screwed and have been for almost a century.

So are the masses ready to give up living beyond their means? I think not. They would rather keep living beyond their means up until the day that the economy crashes. Then they would be willing to make their next move. The problem is that it will be too late when this happens. How will we eat? What good will our money be? We need to make preparations NOW while we still have time and while these green pieces of paper still have a value. Long term food storage, water, weaponry, and other essential supplies need to be stocked yesterday. We're getting closer and closer to the point of no return. We have to get prepared now, and increase our efforts of waking others up and convincing them that they also need to be prepared.