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February 7, 2009

Willful Ignorance: It's My Generation's Fault

Everyone wants to find someone to point the finger at when taking about mishandled social and economic policies of our government. The real point is that it is all our faults, and it's just as much my fault as the sheeple. I'm 21 years old. I feel that I am pretty intelligent. I read a lot, do a lot of independent research, and like to form my own opinions and viewpoints from an educated stance. The bad thing is that I wasn't always like this. None of us were brought up to use our minds. We were never taught to actually think. I feel that my strong point is the fact that I am able to thing logically, and critically, two things that a LOT of people are just unable to do. Our education system is literally a joke. I went through the whole K-12 system and didn't learn a damn thing. It wasn't until college that I started learning stuff that was actually useful, and then it wasn't until I started teaching MYSELF that I learned that what our government is doing is illegal and against the Constitution.

I went a whole 19 years before I "woke up" to what the government was doing. 19 years of living in a fantasy world of high fructose corn syrup, video games, and being totally oblivious to what was going on around me. Now the good thing is that I've changed. The bad thing is that the majority of the people are still living in a fantasy world. I feel that my generation is worse than the older generations because we are being taught not to care or get involved with our government. 99.9% of the people I graduated high school with in 2006 are nothing but alcoholic college students. They could care less what the government is doing, as long as they get to go to the next party or keep milking their parents for all their money. This is going to translate into an even DUMBER older generation when these people migrate into the workforce (if there is a workforce.) Nobody I graduated with is on the same wavelength that I am. They would probably think I had "lost it."

They're the ones who have lost it. A country can only be successful if the people are involved in their government. I know I'm pointing the blame at my age group, but our PARENTS are the one's who made us this way. They're the ones who let the televisions and video games raise us. They are just as oblivious to what goes on around them, and have no clue what the government is doing. Who could tell you the meaning of fractional reserve banking, or ponzi schemes? Who could answer the question of why the federal reserve exists, and why our money isn't backed by gold? Not many could. If the public was really taught what they needed to know we would never be in this mess because the people wouldn't allow it. If people were involved in their government we would never have let any of this happen. I don't want to sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist because innovations in technology are great. Although, television, video games, and the whole entertainment industry has clouded all our minds, and ruined society. It's the worst thing for us, but the BEST thing for the government because it keeps the masses distracted from being involved with the government. Who wants to read the latest H.R. that has come up, when American Idol is coming on? These things would be fine if the masses could still keep up with was was going on and stay involved, and regulate their own time but television engulfs these people and they are unable to do anything other than keep watching. It's like they're hypnotized

I will end this here but what I'm trying to say is that my generation will be the next leaders and from what I can tell, if that's the case things aren't looking good for us...