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February 4, 2009

The Scavenger's got some words for you !!

Not too much going on at the farm these last few days so I wanted to come over and talk about some of the preparations that I have made this week. Preps are a part of life for me now, not just a hobby. I found canned goods on sale at Kroger here in London and stocked up. Chef BoyArdee Ravioli 58 cents a can. Got 80 cans of mixed Ravioli, 10 cans of tuna @ 80 cents and 10 cans of Treet (a spam knock off) for 1 buck a can. Also had some trouble with my water heater the last few days. Bottom heating element went bad, it's the one that does most of the work in your water heater. When the bottom element goes bad you still have hot water just not as much. One shower and we were out of hot water. Picked one up at Lowes today. I also needed a wrench that would fit the element to remove and replace it, it's pretty big. Rather than buy a special element wrench that is only good for that job, I bought a 12" Kobalt adjustable wrench. 2 bucks more than the element wrench but far more versatile. I can use it for many other repairs around the home. Tools are also prep items in my opinion. We are going to have to make all of our own repairs when TSHTF, so be ready with your tools. Wanting to make the most of the trip to town I check to see if there were any heirloom veggies seeds in stock at Lowes. Bingo!! They were just stocking the shelf with them, all fresh packaged for sale on 2/09. I bought 1 each pole bean, bush bean, bell pepper, cucumber, lettuce and tomato. I will add this to the stock of heirlooms seeds that I already have on hand.
Just wanted to let everyone know what goes on in a day in the life of a farm boy/ prepper. Get your seeds, get you some tools and for God sake get you some canned goods put up for this thing. Like it or not the economy is heading for a crash. Just look all around you and watch the news. Your cash will be no good in a failed economy. Even if there is anything available to purchase, you will not have enough money to buy it. Remember when the Russian Gov. bit the dust, the paper it was printed on was worth more than monetary amount of their largest bill. I'm not trying to bring Gloom and Doom to your day....it's already here.