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February 3, 2009

This Makes the Great Depression look Good

The United States is in a unique position as far as economic collapse is concerned. If you look at what happened to the Soviet Union in the 1990’s or Argentina early in the 2000’s you will see that the United States is in a very different position facing economic collapse. We’re not a third world nation, or a developing nation. We are a developed, powerful, and complacent nation. We are a nation of quick fixes, government checks, and the inability to think for ourselves. What would happen if the government wasn’t able to fulfill its promises of social security, unemployment benefits, welfare, Medicare…and the list goes on. What is going to happen when unemployment hits 30-40%, or when hyper-inflation hits and food prices soar to a point where even the upper middle-class can't afford to buy food? We as a nation are facing serious problems, and if you’re reading this you too realize the troubles that are ahead.

Currently the whole world is facing an economic meltdown. Iceland, Greece and Great Britain just recently have been seeing massive riots and protests. Why? Because the citizens of these countries have WOKEN UP! They realized that their governments are screwing them over in more ways than one, and have decided to not only voice their opinion but take to the streets and show how they feel about it. Does any of this hit mainstream media? No. The government/corporate controlled media doesn't want to give American's any bright ideas. But, the bottom line is that we have just as much, if not MORE of a reason to be organizing mass protests and massive demonstrations to show the politicians that we mean business. That we aren't going to sit back while they steal everything we have. They have stolen $10 trillion+ through the bailouts, and Iceland toppled their government over a few billion... Taxpayers are the ones who fund these bailouts and the taxpayers don't receive a dime of the money. Where did the money go? To the bankers. The bankers made bad investments, and gambled with taxpayer money. Why would they attempt to make good business decisions when it's not their money anyway.

So they've stolen everything we have from us, and they've stripped us of nearly all our rights as Americans. The patriot act basically made the Constitution obsolete. They've taken away Free Speech, our right to not be searched without a warrant or probable cause, and many others. Oh yea and they're currently working on taking away our right to bear arms!? This should be an outrage. But of course nobody even cares. Well I have news for America...we don't work for the government, THE GOVERNMENT WORKS FOR US. We employ them, we pay them, and we vote them into office. We need to send a strong message to Washington. If you don't do what we want, then your ass is outta here. They're driving our country into the ground and doing it "for our own good." I don't see banks loaning money, even after getting trillions from the treasury. I don't see anything good that came out of the bailouts. We need to shrink the government, end these senseless wars, and start building our nation back up. The sheep won't get up off their asses long enough to miss an episode of American Idol. I just hope that when the revolution takes place and we take back our government, that they stay out of the way.