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December 15, 2009

The 12 Days of Prepper Christmas

Day 10

In an emergency or disaster there are some things you need to handle right away. This includes shutting off the gas and water to your house. This was true for me when a tornado destroyed our neighborhood, getting the gas lines shut off was one of the first priorities. Knowing this everyone should have a gas and water shutoff tool handy in case something like that where to happen. The emergency tools are made just for shutting off gas and water and makes it easier than trying to find the right wrench.

This makes a great gift for any prepper or non-prepper, and every home needs to be equipped with one of these tools. Amazon sells a variety of these tools that are made for shutting off gas valves and water mains. They fit standard and Texas Gas valves. Orbit makes a quality emergency tool that features a glow in the dark grip for easy access. Amazon sells this tool for around $10. A great stocking stuffer or secret santa gift. This tool would also make a great conversation piece about prepping for disasters.