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December 16, 2009

The 12 Days of Prepper Christmas

Day 11

We're almost ready to wrap up the 12 Days of Prepper Christmas and Day 11 brings us to vehicle emergency items. Everyone needs an emergency kit in the automobile. Lots can happen out on the road and if your car breaks down you want to have the proper equipment with you to make it easy when waiting for help to arrive. You can give your friends or family members a few items that would be important to keep in a car emergency kit, along with a complete list of items they might need. This would hopefully motivate them to finish the list and get a good car emergency kit together.

One thing you can get that's important for all to have available is jumper cables. Jumper cables can save you from a pickle and also allow you to help someone else out in need. If you leave a light on in your car or somehow end up with a dead battery you can jump start your car and make it home or to a location where the issue can be fixed. Jumper cables can be purchased from any supermarket or auto part store. They are pretty inexpensive and when in need they're worth their weight in gold.

For a good list of what items you might need in your car emergency kit you can check out my post on that exact subject. If jumper cables aren't enough an emergency blanket is something inexpensive that can also be purchased to go with the cables. The goal is to show that you are concerned about your friends and family and want them to be on the path to getting prepared. Hopefully by getting them items that relate to prepping it will jump start (no pun intended) them onto the prepping scene.