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December 14, 2009

The 12 Days of Prepper Christmas

Day 9

Water storage is something that is often overlooked in a lot of preparedness plans.  Most people who are getting started with prepping can get their food stored up but don't store up enough water to go with the food storage.  Water is more important than food because you can go for weeks without food but only days without clean water to drink.  You could say water is the backbone of any preparedness plan. 

This is why giving the gift of water storage is a great way to show friends and family you would like to see them get prepared.  There are lots of different options for storing water and lots of vendors who sell jugs.  Some of the best jugs you can buy are made by Reliance.  Reliance calls them Aqua-Tainers and you can look at Amazon and see all the different models of water jugs they make from small 1 gallon jugs up to 8 gallon and larger.  The best deal you can get is on the 7 gallon Aqua-Tainer. 

Wal-Mart sells the Reliance 7 gallon Aqua-Tainer for around $12.  Without having to pay shipping this is a great deal.  These are durable, and made from food grade BPA free plastic.  They're blue in color, come with an on/off spigot for easy access and will safely hold water for years.  These are a great deal and I have quite a few of these stored up.  Tap water comes out of the faucet treated and ready for long term storage.  No need for bleach or other additives.  If you want to give the gift of preparedness this holiday season these water jugs are a great way to do just that.