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December 8, 2009

The 12 Days of Prepper Christmas

Day 5

A weather radio is something that everyone should have whether you're a prepper or not. Weather radios that are made for the NOAA alert system will sound an alarm when a storm watch or warning is issued. These radios can and have saved lives before by alerting people to danger and giving them time to take shelter. There are a number of different radios out there. From desktop style radios to hand held radios.

The desktop radios usually require electricity from a wall socket, or batteries. Some of the hand held models come with a dynamo crank motor so you're able to crank it to build electricity, or even a solar panel. If you're wanting to get a radio you can use on the grid, or off during a power outage it would be best to go with one of the hand held radios such as the Midland ER102 Emergency Radio.

The Midland ER102 radio is an emergency radio with all 10 NOAA weather channels and an alert function. This radio has a big advantage over a simple desktop weather radio because it has more features. It also features AM/FM reception, a clock with an alarm function, along with a built in flashlight. It has a USB port for charging a cell phone, and a rechargeable battery with a dynamo hand crank for emergency power. This can not only serve you at home, but can be taken on road trips, camping trips or anywhere else that knowing the weather might be important. This radio is budget friendly coming in at around $30.00, and a weather radio is something that every home should have.