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December 7, 2009

KPN 12/5/09 Meetup Results

The Kentucky Preppers Network had a meetup this past Saturday at Denny's in Louisville. The meetup went very well! Including myself and Darby's younger son we had 10 people at the meetup. Darby and Knine, contributors to the network, were in attendance along with other members from the forum. We had a back table at Denny's and were able to discuss a number of different prepper topics. We also had an unannounced show and tell where a lot of people brought different gadgets including radios and flashlights to show the group. I think everybody had a great time getting to meet each other and share ideas. This will be something we need to do more often so if you're in the Louisville area register on the forums and be on the lookout for an upcoming meetup!