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December 9, 2009

KPN Forum Update

Sorry to keep taking breaks from the Prepper Christmas Countdown but I wanted to mention the upgrades to the Kentucky Preppers Network forum. The biggest upgrade you will notice is the cosmetic upgrade. The new style of the forum makes it easier to navigate and more visually appealing. Also you will notice the absence of any ads. The ads were not from Kentucky Preppers Network but from the forum hosting website. Fortunately for a small fee the ads were removed. The forum also now has a dedicated domain name which is http://www.kentuckypreppersnetworkforum.com. The old link will redirect you to the right place if you don't feel like updating.

I also added more forum categories to help organize things. There are some new features I would like to point out. The biggest one being the chat room. There is now a chat room featured in the forum for registered users to chat with each other. I think it would be a good idea to schedule a regular chat we could all meet at the same time. I'll try to be in the chat in the evenings if anyone wants to stop by. Maybe Sunday night we could have a scheduled group chat? Let me know what you think. Also you can give other users reputation if you think they made a good post you can give them reputation.

Any suggestions or comments are welcome. If you would like more forum topics let me know and they can be added. Hopefully the upgrades will provide you with a better experience and overall attract more members!