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September 12, 2009

Weekend Update

I would like to welcome our newest contributor John aka PyramidZen Admin. John is a survival/preparedness instructor in Kentucky and has a lot of great information to contribute. His first post "Getting Your House in Order" has been posted so if you haven't checked it out make sure you do and give him a warm welcome.

Episode 3 of The Prepper Podcast has also been uploaded. This week I interviewed Jim from Everything Prepared. We discussed his website and some general prepping topics. I also discussed the prepper "mindset." There is a special offer exclusively for the listeners of The Prepper Podcast so make sure you take advantage of it. Details are included in the podcast.

The KPN meetup is in need of a location! If you are in the Bowling Green area please contact me with any potential leads to a location. A hotel meeting room would be nice. If you know anyone who could get us one let me know.

It's a beautiful day in Kentucky! I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!