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August 1, 2009

Weekend Update

The radio show was a success. Tom (American Preppers Network), myself, Dave (West Virginia Preppers Network) & Bob (South Carolina Preppers Network) were on the air and it was a great show. We discussed the American Preppers Radio Network, and some other general prepping topics. I think we represented American Preppers Network to the fullest and hopefully James will have us back on more to talk about prepping and other survival topics. Thanks to all who listened live, if you didn't catch it live, you can download it here. It's about an hour long so if you get a chance check it out.

The Bitdefender Antivirus giveaway ends on MONDAY! Get your entries in and I will be announcing a winner on Tuesday.

Gary from West Virginia Preppers Network has a good post up on APN. It's titled "You Might Be A Prepper If..." which is a spoof of Jeff Foxworthy's legendary comedy skit. Great article Gary.

Angela from Utah Preppers Network shows you how to make the best char cloth in her post "Making Better Char Cloth." Char cloth is a great thing to keep in a bug out bag and is basically a type of tinder.

Meadowwood Garden has a good post titled Pico De Gallo. If you like Pico check out this recipe, it's a good one.

BTW I'm still adding people to the Kentucky Preppers Network Mailing List. If you would like to receive periodic updates click here for more details. Have a great weekend everyone!