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August 9, 2009

This Week in Links

-This is what we prep for (Be A Survivor)
-How to make crunchy pickles (A Homesteading Neophyte)
-Popcorn: The Healthy & Fun Snack (10 by 10 Plan)
-The in and outs of a Dehydrator (TennZen: Enlightenment, Southern Style)
-Have a ton of potatoes? Here's an idea (The Barber Bunch)
-More free stuff for you! (American Preppers Network)
-Welcome the new moderator (Hawaii Preppers Network)
-Great series dealing with living in your car (Kansas Preppers Network)
-The basics of preparedness (Massachusetts Preppers Network)
-Save your favorite articles/recipies because sites do shut down (Food Storage...A Necessary Adventure)
-Listen to the ladies of the Prepper Networks (Blog Talk Radio)