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August 10, 2009

Free Food Storage Inventory Spreadsheet

RW at Stealth Survival has been so kind to set up an easy to use spreadsheet for inventorying your food storage and other preps. The spreadsheet is setup with all the formulas and labels, all you have to do is plug in what you have and the quantity and it will do the rest. You can use this to inventory your food, ammo, first aid supplies, or anything that's in your preps.

Organizing what you have and keeping a spreadsheet can keep you on track with your food rotation. Label everything and ensure you eat the oldest items first. You can keep a digital copy on your computer and print a copy out to keep with your preps and mark the items off as you go. You can click here to download the file. The Excel file is password protected and the password is RW.

Thanks a lot RW!