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August 14, 2009

Kitchen Gadgets - The Funnel

Most people have a fully stocked kitchen with the tools they need to cook nearly anything. But it still seems that people overlook some of the simplest things to keep around. A funnel set is one of these overlooked items. Funnels come in handy a lot and help keep things clean and prevent spills. If you're transferring liquid from bottle to bottle always use a funnel. It's faster and a lot cleaner.

Most people buy their preps in bulk, so it wouldn't be uncommon to have a large bottle of cooking oil, water, honey, ect. Buying preps in large quantities is a great way to save money and save space, but they aren't as easy to work with. This is why it's important to have some smaller bottles that you can transfer the products into, and with a funnel you can pour them in without spilling or losing any. If you don't have a good funnel set you can pick one up at your local supermarket and for less than $5 you can have a funnel set with multiple sizes. In the event of a disaster, every little bit counts so you want to conserve your preps as much as you can.