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August 13, 2009

Become a Contributor or Member of KPN

The prepper networks are growing and expanding everyday. We are reaching more and more people with the message of freedom, liberty, and being prepared for whatever is thrown at us. As the networks grow the demand for content and information increases. That's why we need you!. That's right, we're actively seeking preppers in Kentucky and every state across the country to try their hand at blogging. It might sound like a lot but it really isn't. Just a few articles a week detailing your own unique prepper knowledge is enough to get a prepper network off the ground.

The people want and need this valuable information. If you're a prepper and want to share your prepper information contact Tom from American Preppers Network, or myself to get set up. If we had a team of bloggers in each state it wouldn't take but one article each week from each member to keep plenty of content up. If you're in Kentucky and want to give blogging a try send me an article on the subject of prepping and we can get you setup on the site.

If you're not looking to blog but want to get involved with the prepper networks you can register on the Kentucky Preppers Network forum. Get some topics up and start some discussions. This is a great way to meet your fellow preppers. We're more than just a blog. The blog is where the prepper info is posted, but the network itself is comprised of individuals working together to get prepared and ensure their survival through any disaster. If you like what you see and hear consider joining the ranks!

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