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July 26, 2009

Weekend Update

I've had nearly 20 people confirm to be on the KPN mailing list. I know there are more out there, don't be shy! Click here for more info.

The Bitdefender antivirus giveaway has started. It's not going to run for very long so get your entries in. I'm giving away two 1 year licenses ($25.00 value each!). Click here for more info.

Rhino had a great post about physical and mental barriers in a survival situation. You have to be strong mentally and physically in a survival situation; panic could be deadly. Louisiana Preppers Network

Keeping your important documents safe is something all preppers should practice. Flea posted a good article on this very subject and details how he stores his important documents. Be A Survivor

"Great minds think alike." Riverwalker posted a good article about multi-tools that goes along with my post A Man's Best Friend. Stealth Survival

Even if the economy recovers and everything ends up being alright, living more self sufficient, debt free, and having a rotating food storage will only make your life better. M.D. Creekmore had a reader challenge his way of life. The Survivalist Blog

Rand Paul will be at the Fancy Farm festival August 1st. It's the largest 1 day picnic in the world! Rand Paul 2010