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January 12, 2010

Are You Watching the Sale Ads?

You should be. I was browsing through the local Kroger ad and right off the bat saw a ton of great deals for preppers looking for build their food storage. Kroger runs a lot of 10 for $10 deals on a number of items. From salad dressing to deodorant you can increase your stock of just about everything by taking advantage of these sales. This is exactly how a prepper saves money and builds their food storage at the same time.

For example, this week Kroger has Kroger Brand canned fruit 10 for $10. That's only $1 a can. Canned fruit will store for at least a year and probably longer. Why not take advantage of this sale and stock up on canned fruit? True, it's going to cost you more money right now, but in the long run you won't have to go out and purchase the same fruit at the full price, you can just grab it from the pantry knowing you got it on sale. This translates into saving money on purchasing the goods you eat on a regular basis, along with building your pantry and food storage.

The same principle goes for anything you catch in the sale ads or have coupons for. Buy in bulk on sale, then when items are back at regular price you won't need to purchase them. As your stock of fruit (or any other item) gets low, next time you see it on sale go ahead and re-stock. This way you avoid ever having to pay full price for a lot of stuff you use, and you build your stock each time. This is the basic principle you need to follow when working on your food storage. There are many variables when considering starting a food storage, but this is something that is universal and that everyone can take advantage of.