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August 22, 2009

Weekend Update

Make sure you stop in and welcome the new contributor to the Kentucky Preppers Network, Knine. He has a great first post up here, and already has another one coming on Monday. I'm very excited to be working with him and hope to bring a lot more content to the readers in the near future.

The meetup poll is still in full swing. We've had lots of votes and it seems like Bowling Green has edged past Hopkinsville as the meeting place. Any of the locations would work great for me, if you're in the area get your vote in for the upcoming meetup.

If anymore readers have any specific questions or topic suggestions you would like us to cover use the Contact Us button at the top to send me an email and we will post the answer to your question on the blog.

The Rand Paul money bomb was a success! He raised over $400,000 in one day. Great numbers as far as I'm concerned. Thanks to all who donated. It's the support at the grassroots level that is going to help him win this election.

Have a great weekend everyone!