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August 6, 2009

How to Browse the Web Anonymously

I know a lot of preppers out there are concerned about big brother tracking their moves in the internet. Nowadays anyone can access your IP address and track every site you visit. This is an invasion of privacy although the government does it anyway. There are some services out there that offer ways to browse the web anonymously. Some cost money and some require you to download software onto your computer. If you've been waiting for a free, simple, and easy way to browse the web anonymously wait no longer.

Enter in ItsHidden. ItsHidden is a free service that allows you to surf the web anonymously. There is no software to download, and no subscription fee. ItsHidden creates a virtual private network on your computer that routes all activity through their servers in the Netherlands. ItsHidden was setup with torrent users in mind who want to hide the fact that they download files.

ItsHidden uses 128 bit encryption and doesn't save any of your own files. It's 100% secure and keeps anyone from viewing your browsing information. I have been using ItsHidden for the past couple days and I must say it works great. I recommend anyone and everyone to start using this service. It runs from your computer so any activity, downloading or browsing is hidden. I haven't experienced any problems, everything is still just as fast and works 100%.

Click here to register for the service. After registration, click here for setup instructions on Windows XP, and click here for setup instructions on Windows Vista.