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June 30, 2009

lightbulb's Get Home Bag

Over at the KPN Forums, member "lightbulb0413" has been pretty active with posting, and has posted his own Get Home Bag, complete with pictures. He has a great GHB. It's not too big, and has all the necessary items to survive at least 72 hours and probably more than that. His bag is a SatComm bag made by CountyComm which can be found here. These bags are really cool and are perfect for a GHB.

SatComm Bag

SO-LED available at CountyComm. These are very bright and clip on to MOLLE webbing.

Four bit Screwdriver, available at CountyComm.

Bag open with all the goodies inside.

All of the goodies laid out.

Ramen Noodles, Quick Clot, Datrex food Bar, Scalpel, Gum, Gatorade, Self-Vacuum Packed Cling Gauss

Abdominal Dressing, Dyna-stopper dressing, Israeli Dressing, EMT Shears @ CountyComm, Screwdriver, ACU grey Handkerchief @ CountyComm, Handwarmers, Space Blanket, Poncho.

Watch Cap, 550 Cord, Sun Screen, Chapstick, Toothbrush, Off, Nail Clippers, Floss, Pen, Pencil, Write in Rain, Fishing Kit, $7 in Quarters, Saline, Foot Powder, Compass, Toilet Paper.

ProPac Gel, Electrical Tape, SO-LED, Super Glue, Popup Stove, Super Spork @ CountyComm, Universal Cleaning Stick @ CountyComm, Sewing Kit, Light Sticks, LED Maglight, Extra Batteries.

Emergency Saw, Water Purification Tablets, Metal Match, Whistle, Small Pencil, Backup Compass, Cotton Balls to Keep Stuff from Rattling.

Some things not pictured:
-Gerber Knife Sharpener
-Gerber LMF II Survival Knife
-Small Cuts and Scraps FAK

Some Things I Need Still:
Small Titanium/Aluminum Pot
Oatmeal (I have heard it makes the Datrex bars taste better)
Water Filter It folds and rolls up
Water Container - Couple of the platypus above
Convertible Hiking Pants
Petroleum Soaked Cotton Balls
Cammo Face Sticks
Boonie Hat
Cammo Poncho instead of Orange One
Hiking Socks
Under Armor type top and bottom (Summer Kind)
More Para Cord

And probably some other stuff. I am constantly re-evaluating what my bags contain and repacking them. I'll keep you guys updated.

Thanks a lot for the post lightbulb!