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May 6, 2009

Reading Blogs Through Feed Readers

RSS is an acronym that stands for "Really Simply Syndication." Most sites that frequently publish content, such as blogs, news, and podcasts have an RSS feed for instant acquisition of new content. The content is sent into a feed reader, of choice, for viewing. Some sites display the full text in their feed, and others only a snippet so you have to "jump" to the actual site to view the rest.

RSS is an efficient way to get content from your favorite blogs and web sites. They are mostly ad-free, quick, easy and straight to the point. You get only the info you want, without pop ups or ads flashing in your face. It is the best way to sort massive amounts of content in the fastest amount of time. The content is stored in the reader and when you get a chance you can start reading what content has built up.

I personally use a feed reader to get 100% of my daily content, it's a fast and easy way to absorb a ton of news and blog posts. I have a number of subscriptions ranging from alternative news sites, to Kentucky news, to the prepper network blogs. Feeds are great because you can save the items you want to read, and skip the ones you don't want to read. My feed reader of choice is Google Reader. It is simple, easy, and integrates with my other Google accounts. Below is a great video that shows you how to use Google Reader if you're not familiar with it, and want to try it out.

By the way, if you want to add Kentucky Preppers Network to your feed reader, click on the subscribe link at the bottom of this post, then you click Google to add to Google Reader, or any other of the links to add to your feed reader of choice.