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April 12, 2009

Poll: Kentucky Physical Network


The state prepper networks are great and there is lots of good info coming out of all these blogs. There is a way to take these blogs and state networks one step further and that is by creating physical state networks. I know from looking at Google Analytics for the site that there are lots of people within the state of Kentucky that visit the site. The idea is that we need to organize and group up physically within the state. We do have a fighting chance at stopping the destruction of our country and our Constitution, but we can't do it if we sit in the shadows with our preps and hope this blows over.

We have to make ourselves known and identify with others that are unhappy with the direction the country is going. There are lots of people who are not as internet savvy that are willing to be active and try to make some real change in the country, and the only we we can reach those individuals is by getting active within our communities.

Here's what the idea is. We would need 6 volunteers to step up and be Team Leaders. We will start out with one Team Leader for each congressional district. (See Above Map) Each district would be similar a to Meetup groups. That person would be the "go to" person for people in that district. Through the Team Leads we can organize protests, meetings, and any other events needed to put pressure on our representatives. As congressional districts the people could come together and have a call day or email day to contact the reps and let them know how you stand on certain issues. We also have many Tea Parties across Kentucky coming up on April 15th. I encourage everyone to get involved and attend these Tea Parties to meet and network with other like minded individuals.

I'm going to post a poll and see how many would be willing to participate, and if the readers think this is a good idea or not. Below I will post a link that details all the Tea Parties going on in Kentucky on April 15th. I will try to make it to the Bowling Green Tea Party if work permits.