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February 18, 2009

New Poll (What Events Are You Preparing For?)

As the title states the new poll on the site is "What Events Are You Preparing For?" I asked some of the writers from the other prepper networks to help me with my list and I think we put together a pretty complete list that covered all possible events that one would prepare for. Prepping will benefit anyone no matter which event you are caught in, so I would like to get an idea of what events are most important to people. I really want to get a lot of votes on this poll, so all the RSS readers please stop by and vote. This poll will let you vote for multiple choices, so if there is more than one event that is important to you, please choose all events then submit your vote.

I personally prep for hyperinflation, economic collapse, losing my job, and natural disasters. I've been through a couple natural disasters one that I wasn't prepared for, but the next one I was and it helped me get through it. I know that the economy is not going to stay stable much longer. The DOW dropped nearly 300 points today, ending just above the November 20, 2008 low. The collapse is coming folks, we need to prepare, and keep warning others. As things get worse people will realize that we were right when we said the bailouts were a bad idea. And the ones who laughed at Ron Paul and wrote him off, will be looking to him for answers and solutions to the problems that Obama's stimulus won't fix.

So let's tell more people about the Kentucky Preppers Network, and other prepper networks. I would like to see more people from Kentucky and all across the country getting involved. I will be talking more in the future about a physical Kentucky network that we will work to set up right here in the Bluegrass state. We have been getting more and more visits every week and this movement is growing and it's because the people are tired of being over taxed and over regulated. We have power in numbers and the more people that are in the movement the more powerful it will be.