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December 19, 2008

Never overlook your best source of Survival Food

Never overlook your best source of Survival Food.
Food from Nature
The wilderness is full of natural foods, ranging from plants to insects. But vary your diet to make sure you get the right proportions of fat, protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Meat and fish are good sources of protein and fat. Meat and fish provide virtually everything a long-term survivor would need.Use food from the nature as your food survival supply before using your wilderness survival kit rations.
If water is scarce, avoid eating. Searching for food and digestion, consume a lot of your body's water. If water is plentiful, or if you must eat, consider the basic guidelines below.
Your most vital nutritional needs in an outdoor survival situation are protein and fat. Most insects are rich in both.Turn off your cultural bias against eating insects. Edible bugs are delicious survival meals
.Wild edible plants
Depending of time of the year you will almost always find edible plants and berries in the wilderness. The problem is knowing which ones are edible.Increase your knowledge about wild plants as survival food.
Fish are a valuable food source. So if you find yourself in a wilderness survival situation near a river or stream, fishing should be considered.Learn different simple methods of catching fish.
Unless you are an experienced hunter, hunting animals for meat is inadvisable in a survival situation. Hunting is difficult and you will expend a lot of energy to get your survival food. Instead of hunting consider trapping.Trapping requires less skill and leaves you free to spend time looking for other survival food sources. The wilderness survivor needs simple traps that are easy to remember an easy to construct.
Bird eggs
Bird eggs are excellent survival meals and most bird eggs are good to eat. Eggs offer high nutritional value, are convenient and safe. They can be boiled, baked or fried.
Methods of cooking
Cooking is a skill of great importance for all wilderness travelers. Cooking not only makes many foods more appetizing to taste but also ensure that parasites and bacteria are killed. Avoid food poisoning. A compact camping stove is very convenient in the wilderness. However, in many situations, a cooking fire is more practical and allows a wider variety of cooking opportunities. For example campfire cooking without any cooking utensils.