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About Us

Kentucky Preppers Network was founded to create a network of preppers in Kentucky. The blog is the medium to release important prepper information to Kentuckians and Americans alike. The forum is a place for community discussion among Kentuckians and Americans alike. We strive to bring the message of preparedness in a simple and understandable way so Kentuckians can see the need for preparedness. The goal is to get people prepared for whatever disaster may come their way.

The forum is the main way to interact with other Kentuckians and ask questions about preparedness.   We also have a Facebook Page where you can become a fan and share it with all your Facebook friends.  The forum is the center of the Kentucky Preppers Network; it's where we communicate with each other, discuss prepping topics, organize local survival groups, and plan meetups around the state. 

There are many things in this world that are uncertain; mother nature, the economy, and the goods supply system. It makes sense to be prepared for things that are out of our control and we bring the information to you so you can be prepared.  We offer all of our services and information totally free to the public. We have a number of contributors that reside right here in Kentucky, and each contributes their own unique information. We're always open for new contributors and questions can be sent to kentuckypreppersnetwork@gmail.com. Thank you for visiting Kentucky Preppers Network, we hope you will enjoy.