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December 28, 2009

How Many Magazines do you Own?

Owning firearms and knowing how to use them is an important part of being a prepper, and as we all know firearms are useless without bullets to shoot out of them. This is why it's so important to have some ammo stocked up, a few hundred rounds (at least) for each caliber of firearm you own. Whether for hunting, self defense, or recreation; storing ammo will help you if shortages occur or if restrictive ammo or firearm legislation is passed. Storing ammo can also be viewed as an investment with how fast the prices are going up on most calibers of ammo.

But along with stored ammo and guns you're going to need magazines to hold the rounds and too often this is overlooked. Most modern firearms use magazines to hold the bullets and load them into the weapon. This works best with semi-automatic and fully automatic handguns, rifles, and even some shotguns. If you are storing ammo for your firearms storing magazines for them is just as important. It's good to have at least one extra magazine for each firearm you own and more if you can afford it or think it's important. If you're ever in a self defense situation having to manually add bullets into the one magazine you own could cost you your life. Keep an extra magazine or 2 (or 3 or 4) loaded at all times and it could save your life.