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December 12, 2009

The 12 Days of Prepper Christmas

Day 7

This post falls right inline with the 12 Days of Prepper Christmas series and also goes along with the Dealing with Waste in an Emergency series of posts. Phil801 from Utah Preppers has arranged a group buy for waterless GottaGoToilets. Here's the excerpt from Utah Preppers:

Their system is called the GottaGo Toilet system. It’s basically a cardboard disposable (after about 100 uses) emergency toilet that uses biodegradable bags and a microbial sand. Once you’ve filled up a bag you can dig a hole and bury the bag – yes, bury it – within 30 – 90 days it will be completely broken down. You can also burn your toilet once you’re done with it. Basically you can go on a family campout and have everyone use this toilet system and not have to carry any of it home to dispose of it.
These toilets are great for any prepper needing some off the grid sanitation options.  The group buy is for 25% off all GottaGoToilet's products with the coupon code: prepxmas.  This is a great deal and not only would be good for a prepper but a great gift to give for the holidays.  Every prepper needs some way to deal with their waste off the grid and this is a great option.  Phil801 has used these products and can vouch for them.  If you're needing a waste disposal method this is something to consider.

coupon code: prepxmas