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December 3, 2009

The 12 Days of Prepper Christmas

Day 3

Day 1 and Day 2 I discussed how a flashlight or a headlamp would be a great gift or stocking stuffer for the holidays. But as I mentioned in those posts these things do require batteries. Some people might not have flashlights or headlamps let alone the batteries to power them, (and having some put back for an emergency) so batteries themselves would also be a great stocking stuffer. Batteries sold in stores are extremely overpriced. Even at the best deal you find you're going to be paying $.40 per battery and that's just too much.

The internet provides a true free market where people can shop around and find the best deal, which drives the price of goods down. Batteries are a good example. There are lots of websites that sell batteries (in bulk) for $.30 a piece or less. The internet is the only place to buy your batteries because you can get them in bulk for a lot cheaper and just store them until you need them.  Most batteries will last for up to 5 years so don't be afraid to build up a good stock of them.

When dealing with batteries there are two main options. Alkaline batteries that are one time use, and NiMH batteries that can be recharged with a charger. It's good to have some alkaline batteries stored for times when you wouldn't be able to wait for rechargeables to charge.  But it's also important to have some rechargeables stored  because they are cheaper and would last a while.  They could also be used off grid with a solar charger and give you batteries for your devices.  A pack of alkaline batteries along with a pack of NiMH batteries and a charger would be a great addition to the headlamp or flashlight you purchased.

Meritline sells their brand of batteries and if you're buying them in bulk they can get pretty cheap. I have experience with these batteries and they are just as good as the expensive ones you buy in the store. All-Battery sells some batteries that are even cheaper than Meritline. From what I've read most batteries are the same so I'm sure the batteries on All-Battery are quality. All-Battery also has great deals on NiMH batteries and chargers.  Sadly they don't offer any solar chargers but there are lots of other vendors online that sell solar chargers including Amazon.  A solar battery charger with a few NiMH batteries would also be a great stocking stuffer.  Whatever your preference is batteries are an important part of your preps.  Getting some for your friends and family would hopefully help them get on the path to preparedness.