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November 24, 2009

Keep You Firearms Clean

If you own firearms and like to shoot them it's important to know how to keep them clean and in good working condition. Every manufacturer and firearm enthusiast has their own cleaning regiment for their weapons. As long as you clean the barrel with a brush, and wipe off any deposits every 200 rounds or so you should be okay.  A full break down and cleaning of your firearm wouldn't be required unless you've shot around 500 or more rounds.

Ultimately you want to follow your manufacturers instructions as far as cleaning goes. What to use for cleaning is pretty standard. I like the Hoppe's #9 line of solvents and lubricants. The solvent works great at removing powder, rust or anything else that might build up on your firearm. It's important to regularly clean your firearm to prevent major buildups. Regular small cleanings will prevent one major cleaning job.

When cleaning your barrel you can purchase metal brushes but for a rifle I recommend a bore snake. A bore snake is a rope with brushes built into it and allows you to safely clean the barrel of your rifle without risking hurting it with the metal brush and rod. I prefer a bore snake over a brush but it's all personal preference. Not only is cleaning important but keeping the moving parts lubricated is also important. The Hoppe's lubricant works great and won't gum up. It's specially designed for lubricating firearms.

Always follow the manufactures recommendations as far as lubrication goes. Manufacturers are going to recommend what's right for your firearm. It's important to stock up on your cleaning supplies along with stocking up on your ammo. This will allow you to be able to shoot the weapon and keep it clean and working properly. Next time your at the gun store pick up some extra bottles of solvent and lubricating oil along with cleaning patches and barrel brushes or a bore snake.  Having a gun that doesn't work due to improper maintenance will not do you any good if you need it for hunting or self defense.