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October 14, 2009

Post SHTF: What do you do now? (Opinion)

I got this from theotherryan over at Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest which was originally posted on FerFal's Surviving in Argentina. FerFal as some of you might know is a resident of Argentina. In 2001 Argentina went from being one of the richest and best educated counties in Latin American to a third world country. Why? Because they experienced a very similar economic collapse that the United States is experiencing today. (If you haven't watched the documentary on Argentina's financial collapse this is a must see.)

As FerFal states nobody can predict exactly what will happen in the United States if the dollar crashes and we experience hyperinflation. But what he says in the article is very true. No matter how bad things get life will still go on. You will still have to feed your family, pay the bills, provide medicine for your family, and provide security for your family. Regardless of whether we experience hyperinflation, a nuclear bomb in a major city, or riots and civil unrest, the fact is that people will adapt and move on with their lives.

The purpose of FerFal's article is to make the point that focusing on the end of the world is counter-productive. Here's a great quote from the article:
Doomers will find out how little fun all this is. Bills keep coming, food prices keep going up, the dentist and pediatrician still don't accept a pair of handmade boots as a form of payment, the raiders never showed up, you never managed to make a living by scavenging the ruins of Wal-Mart, or providing protection to a merchant caravan. It's life as it has always been, only worse regarding some aspects.
Now it doesn't get much truer than this statement. This is where a lot of people have it wrong, and we can learn a LOT from FerFal. You will still have to work if you have a job, if you don't you will have to spend all your time looking for work and taking what you can to make a few bucks. The point is that we MUST get prepared now to face whatever the future holds for us. More than likely things will be rough for a long, long time but life will still go on.

FerFal's blog is one of the best sources of survival information, if not the best. All because he has already been through it! He's giving us advance info of what we should do and how we should prepare. We have to move to preserve what wealth we have while we still can. His philosophy is right inline with the philosophy of bugging in. You should prepare to hold up in your house with limited outside assistance. Food and water storage should be top priority. Forget about gold and silver. You could have all your money in gold but if everyone is starving nobody will trade food for your gold. You have to have your food storage and other supplies FIRST before you ever consider investing in precious metals.

Food prices are rising and will rise dramatically in a hyperinflation situation. Food itself is a critical investment. Why not buy now while it's cheap? When prices skyrocket you won't have to worry about paying $20 for a loaf of bread. (Make your own in your solar oven with the wheat you stored!) Get prepared now before it's too late. There might be food and supplies available after the collapse but imagine how valuable they will be when everyone realizes they need to prepare and stock up. You don't want to be rushing around with everyone else trying to fight for what little is there.

Buy your preps in an effort to ease the transition from our modern lives to a less modern way of living. Others along with myself have written hundreds of articles showing you exactly what to do and what to buy. There is no excuse. You don't want the day to come where you can't feed your family or can't afford to buy any food. Get your food, water, batteries, guns, bullets, flashlights, propane, and anything else you would need as soon as possible. You must prepare and learn how to get by without a reliable electricity source, without a Wal-Mart to go to each week, without a repair man, and without a lot of the modern conveniences we have today.

*Double posted in the KPN forums for additional discussion.