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October 16, 2009

Off Grid Cooking Options Part 3

The third off grid cooking option for a prepper is a wood stove. Although a wood stove is something that a lot of people wouldn't be able to install. If you're renting or live in an apartment installing a wood stove isn't going to work. Good thing there are options for even those people which I have discussed in previous posts on Off Grid cooking options. If you do own your home and want to install a wood stove they can be very useful and practical for off grid situations.

A wood stove is just what it sounds like. A stove that burns exclusively wood. These stoves provide heat and a way to cook for long term off grid situations. They aren't that expensive considering that they would practically last forever. All you need is a good supply of wood, and I don't know about you but here in Kentucky most people will give away all the wood you can take if you're willing to come pick it up. From what I've read the type of wood you burn isn't as important as the fact that it needs to be fully seasoned. Fully seasoned wood should be seasoned no less than a year. It's best to use wood that's 2-3 years old to get the cleanest and hottest burn, and when stacking wood outdoors make sure you stack it off the ground and leave it uncovered.

If you plan on installing it yourself make sure you do it properly and follow the instructions. There are lots of online vendors that sell wood stoves with installation instructions. The most important part of a wood stove is the exhaust that must be ported to the outside of your house. This allows the smoke and harmful gases to leave the home. Proper fire safety precautions need to be used if you have a wood stove. If the stove is anywhere near carpet make sure you have a large fire resistant rug laid out in front so if anything pops out it won't catch fire. Also have a good fire extinguisher close by at all times.

If you have the ability to install a wood stove and stock up the wood needed for it then they are a great thing to have. They will last a long time and cooking and heating your home off grid would be pretty easy. Another tip is to remove ashes frequently if you're using your wood stove. Ashes contain coals that can give off carbon monoxide. Make sure these are taken outside before starting the stove up again. The ashes are also a great way to fertilize your garden.

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