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October 26, 2009

Guest Post: Newspaper is Not Just for Reading

Aloha2U - Hawaii Preppers Network

Newspaper happens to be a good source of not only news but resourceful uses as well. Instead of throwing it out in the recycle bin I have managed to save stacks of it. There are many ways of putting old newspaper to good use in the home. When I clean my windows, mirrors and glass tabletops I use newspaper to wipe it clean and dry. Newspaper also leaves no streaks, leaving the surface with a clear and clean look. Lining the litter box helps to absorb odors as well as lining the trash can with newspaper. Newspaper can also be broken down and used as mulch for the garden.

I have also found it very useful in absorbing old cooking oil from the pan because its not a good idea to toss that oil down the kitchen sink. Spills are another thing that newspaper comes in handy for as well, but you have to be careful of where the spills are in using newspaper because you wouldn't want the imprint of the news on white carpet or anything light in color for that matter. I have also used newspaper as a place mat when I eat, because if I spill anything it goes directly onto the paper. Another good use would be wrapping paper, especially the comic section. You could also line your pet travel kennel while traveling in the vehicle just in case puppy or kitty decides to relieve themselves. When we moved I wrapped many glass and delicate items in newspaper to keep it from breaking, insulating it with more paper. You could also roll up paper into smash balls for kitty to play with as a toy which they really love.

There are so many uses that you can use when it comes to newspaper and I'm sure many of you have other ideas as well, but these are just a few of the things that I have found to be of good use when it comes to old newspaper.