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October 10, 2009

Apartment Survival Tip #2

If you plan on getting prepared in an apartment one of your biggest drawbacks is the amount of space you have. An apartment is not going to have the amount of closet and floor space that a lot of homes do so the space that you do have you must make full use of it. Most of us have more stuff than we need and a lot of it is junk. You can sort through, organize and sell a lot of the stuff you don't need. This clears out important storage space along with giving you money for preps.

By getting rid of junk, and organizing what's left over you're going to find that you have a lot more storage space than what you thought you had. The kitchen cabinets should be cleaned out and simplified to only what you need. The cabinets or pantry should be your "front line" of food storage. In a rotation you would keep the oldest of that item in the pantry or cabinets for eating. The newer items can be stacked and organized in closets. There are a lot of great organizing kits that can be installed into closets so get creative and use all the space from the floor to the ceiling.

Installing shelves up high will allow you to utilize all of the space. You can also raise the height of your bed to allow storage underneath it. Most people could clear out enough room to store a good amount of food and other preps. Getting prepraed is just as achievable if you live in an apartment but it's not something you are going to achieve overnight. Although by developing a plan and taking it a step at a time you're going to be able to get prepared even though you live in an apartment.