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September 17, 2009

Prepare Your Windshield for Rain

A rain storm is something that can slow down driving and if the rain is coming down hard enough, it can stop you in your tracks. Rain can hurt yours and other drivers visibility quite a bit. Rain at night can be even worse because it becomes harder to see the yellow lines in the road. The rain keeps them from being as reflective so it can be hazardous while driving in the rain at night. Part of your vehicle maintenance is making sure your windshield wipers are in good working condition. This is something you should check on a monthly basis, and replace when they become worn. You can take this even further and dramatically increase your visibility with one easy step.

Rain-X is a great way to keep your windshield clear during rain and also assist your windshield wipers. When water hits a Rain-X treated windshield it will bead right off. Rain-X works best when moving at higher speeds. Usually above 50 mph. That way the wind can help bead the rain right off. If it's not raining too hard you can drive without using your windshield wipers and see perfectly fine. Rain-X is something that I always keep on my windshield because it dramatically increases your visibility in a rainy situation.

Rain-X comes in a lot of different forms and I have found that the best way to use it is to apply the Rain-X wax. It comes in a squirt bottle and you apply it the same way you apply wax to the paint of your car. Use a foam or cloth applicator and put a good coat on the windshield. Wait a few minutes and allow the Rain-X to dry to a haze. Once dried take a clean cloth and buff until all the Rain-X is removed. This also helps keep bugs from sticking when they hit your windshield at night. A lot of them will just slide off instead of bursting and covering the windshield.

As cheap as it is it's a no brainer that you need to keep a good coat on your windshield. One good coat of the Rain-X wax will last you about a month, depending on how much rain you are driving in. There are a lot of other great Rain-X products including wipes and other types of application. Whichever you choose make sure your windshield is treated and you will thank yourself when the next rain comes.

*Note: You can also put a coat of regular car wax on the windshield and it will work almost as good as Rain-X.